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Additional Water Treatment Plant in Kiev with REDO Technology

In May 2015, the first Water Treatment Plant was equipped in the district of Obolon with the REDO technology and replaced chlorine gas for drinking water disinfection. Eight months later REDO Water Systems was commissioned to equip another Water Treatment Plant (Korchuvatska).

About REDO Water Systems:

REDO Water Systems offers solutions for the water disinfection of drinking water suppliers and in other industries, where the water quality is a criterion for the success of the business. The solution which REDO offers, consists of two components: Technology, which is more effective, eco-friendly and more economical than alternative methods, as well as the know-how in regards to the applicational possibilities and the economic benefit of this technology in specific processes for the customer. The disinfection of drinking water or the application of disinfected water is relevant in various industries. The focus from REDO lies currently with four industries: agriculture, swimming pools, transport industry and supplying of drinking water. REDO operates internationally. Personally for drinking I suggest Hydrogen water instead of plain or regular one.

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