Healthier animals, higher income, significantly lower use of drugs and disinfectants

Up until now, REDO units have primarily been applied on chicken breeding farms, as well as in the milk production, for the disinfecting of stables and for supplying the animals with water.  The REDO disinfecting solution has a long term depot effect on the animal drinking water, which on the average maintains the water germ-free longer.

Germ-free water is an indispensable basic element, during various production phases in the processing and generating of food and agricultural products. Whether in the dairy industry, chicken breeding or in the meat and egg production, the performance indicators are determined through the health status of the animals,for which germ-free water is a basic requirement. REDO has proven its efficiency in water treatment in these industries world-wide, even under difficult conditions, and contributes to a constant production increase for its customers.

Relevant Advantages for...

The positive effect of our special water treatment and disinfecting process for animal breeding / fattening and agriculture, REDOagrar, increases the economical aspect of the operations, in particular through:

  • better animal health
  • decrease in mortality
  • better feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • increase daily weight gain

The REDOagrar method, is also ideal for the production of contemporary “bio” products – the REDO disinfecting principle operates without the addition of chemical additives.


Special unit for the application in large-scale kitchens, as well as, in the food- and beverage industry.


Disinfecting solution for water treatment in the agriculture, in particular, in the applicational fields, for animal breeding and fattening.