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Wherever water is an economic factor, REDO contributes to the success of the business

The REDO water treatment process can be applied in various industries and for different purposes, primarily where high quality drinking water is essential or the water quality is a criterion for the success of the business.

The disinfection of drinking water or the application of disinfected water is relevant in various industries. REDO is applied everywhere, where the water quality influences the business success. Currently we are focusing on four branches: drinking water suppliers, food and agriculture industry, transport industry and swimming pools

REDO for water suppliers

Efficient installation for water suppliers, for facility managers as well as mobile solution … »

REDO for transportation business

Companies like Airbus rely on the economical and particularly effective REDO® Technology … »

REDO for agricultural economy

Better results e.g. in with animal breeding and fattening, as well as ecologically and economically beneficial … »

REDO for swimming pools

Better effect than chlorine and without the undesired side-effects for the bathers … »

REDO offers various solutions, tailored to the respective requirements in the areas of drinking water supply, agriculture, transport industry and swimming pools. In these main branches, we have installed units all over the world and have built-up the specific know-how. Our customers profit from a superior technology for disinfecting water which is more effective, eco-friendly and more economical than the alternative methods. At the same time, the company advises their customers on how the technology can be incorporated and what positive impact the successful operation can achieve. We deliver the technology and the application Know-how.

The possibilities for applying the REDO water disinfecting method goes beyond these areas. Constantly new areas for application are being added. We look forward to developing new solutions with and for you.