Superior Water Quality. Minimal Operating Costs. No Chemical Additives.

The water treatment and water distribution up to the delivery point in the house is the responsibility of the water supplier. The owner of the real estate is responsible for sustaining the drinking water quality within the premise.

REDO offers in the areas of drinking water supply solutions for the water supplier and solutions for the operators of commercial real estate. The main advantage of water disinfection from REDO: The REDO disinfectant solution in the drinking water is absolutely odourless and tasteless.

Relevant Advantages for...

We support water suppliers with two different product solutions

  • with REDOworks, a stationary unit for the disinfection of drinking water prior to the feeding into the pipelines
  • with REDOmdu, a mobile unit for water disinfection during damage to the pipelines

Special unit for water suppliers of drinking water.


Special unit for mobile application of water utility plants during damage to the water pipeline network.


Special units for drinking water treatment for immediate application in disaster areas or assisting in humanitarian aid.