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Economical and effective water treatment without additional chemical additives

The treating of the water with REDO occurs solely through the supplement of the disinfecting solution REDOlyt.  This disinfecting solution is produced, through an advanced form of electrolysis, within the unit and is then added to water to be disinfected. REDO does not use any additional chemicals.

The REDO process uses solely the water from the cycle to be disinfected, as well as, common salt and electricity.  From 1 liter of water and a few grams of salt along with some watts of electricity, one liter of disinfecting solution REDOlyt is produced in less than one minute. One liter of REDOlyt disinfects, depending on the germ count, up to 1000 liters of water, which normally remains germ free for several days.

The REDO process eliminates all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi and regulates the ph-factor.

Outline of the advantages

  • Eco-friendly

    • REDOlyt is not dangerous for humans, animals and environment
    • No application of additional chemicals
  • Effective

    • Powerful disinfecting performance
      • very powerful disinfecting effect
      • very high disinfecting velocity
    • Very long depot effect
  • Easy handling – simple operation, does not require qualified personnel

  • Flexible

    • Compact design
    • Performance of the unit can be adapted to the customer’s needs
    • Application mobile or stationary
    • Online operation via internet possible
  • Economical

    • Lowest operating costs, no cost for purchasing, storing and handling chemicals and the resprective safety measures
    • Low maintenance costs


REDO combines an innovative technology for water disinfection with the applicational know-how. The disinfecting method is eco-friendly and effective. The optimum integration into the specific process has a positive effect on the operational success.