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The REDO® Disinfection Process

The treatment of the water with REDO® units occurs through the supplement of the disinfecting solution REDO®lyt. This disinfecting solution is continuously produced within the unit through an advanced form of electrolysis and is mixed into the water. The REDO® process eliminates all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi and regulates the ph-value.

REDO® does not use any additional chemicals. The process relies solely on water from the cycle to be disinfected, as well as common salt and electricity. From one liter of water and 10 grams of salt with 16 watt hours of electricity, in less than one minute, one liter of the disinfecting solution REDO®lyt is produced. One liter of REDO®lyt disinfects, depending on the germ count, up to 1000 liter of water, which normally remains germ free for up to three days.

The innovation of the water treatment units from REDO lies in the modification of the electrolysis method, which produces a highly efficient, yet in the handling a harmless disinfecting solution. The effective oxidants in REDO®lyt are chlorine, chlorine-dioxide, ozone and oxygen.

This is how the REDO System works