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REDO Water Systems – a Partner of „Indo German Alliance for Water Effiency” (IGAWE)

By 2050, India will host more people than any other country in the world. There is a huge demand for better water and sanitation infrastructure, for appropriate water supply services and for safe disinfection of drinking water.  The ”Indo-German Alliance for Water Efficiency (IGAWE)” has been founded by professional German water companies with outstanding capacities and references to cover all relevant sectors in water efficiency in India and the use of different water tank options to provide this water to the different houses. All IGAWE partners are German market leaders in their area of competence.

IGAWE is ready to provide integrated and sustainable solutions with premium quality technologies (e.g. energy-efficient pumps), with high-tech units for water production (e.g.  REDO installations for safe drinking water disinfection), with highly skilled facility operations (e.g. for complex water and wastewater processing plants), all based on German engineering and management at the highest level of science and technology. In addition, private financing concepts can be included for the realization of IGAWE projects.

IGAWE will present its concepts and solutions at the Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in May 2016.

IGAWE partners are:

  • Wilo Financial Services
  • Wilo Mather & Platt (Pumps)
  • Global Water Franchise Agency with shareholders REMONDIS Aqua and CEEM (Operation und Engineering)
  • INWASOL (Innovative Business Models)
  • Grasshopper Investments (Private Financing)
  • IEEM Institut of University Witten Herdecke (Think Tank Water)
  • REDO Water Systems (Disinfection)
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