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Background information: REDO water as performance enhancer

Growth promoters and performance enhancers

Growth promoters (for breeding) or performance enhancers (for layer and dairy farms) are special substances with a positive effect on the animals and their growth or laying performance.

  • For a long time, antibiotics have been used as growth promoters or performance enhancers for animals. Small doses of antibiotics not only improve animal health, but change the gastric bacterial equilibrium in a favorable way and thus increase output.
  • However, antibiotics are banned (in the EU: since 2006) for very good reasons (antibiotics resistance in humans). Similarly, hormones have been banned.
  • Agricultural experts have tried various alternatives to antibiotics: Rare earths, probiotics, various herbs, organic acids or feed acids, certain minerals etc. All of those alternatives are either very expensive or not as effective.
  • Chlorine water disinfection was found to have a limited growth promoting effect as well, however the taste and smell of chlorine prevents animals from drinking enough.

REDO as performance enhancer and growth promoter

  • REDO shows the best effectiveness compared to all other growth promoters or performance enhancers – with a bio-compatible mix of agents, without any side effects to health, without irritating smell or taste, and at minimal operating cost
  • Resistances, like with antibiotics, do not develop. In contrary, REDO water is bio-compatible, and it is absolutely not harmful to human health. REDO is produced by electrolysis while adding just salt and electricity. Therefore, there is no need for handling of chemicals.
  • The taste of REDO water is impeccable. Particularly, animals with intestinal infections instinctively look for REDOlyt, if it is offered in a separate drinker or trough.
  • REDO water not only disinfects the piping systems and troughs, but also mouth or beak, oesophagus and the upper part of the stomach, so that after a while, the natural, optimal gastro-intestinal flora is achieved and maintained.

REDO water – very effective even if your farm has best water quality

REDO has three effects:

(1) It prevents any microbiological contamination in the water.

(2) It actively disinfects drinker systems and troughs, thereby improving animal health.

(3) It eliminates unnecessary or harmful bacteria in the intestinal flora of the hens, thereby improving feed conversion and vitality.

So even if your farm already has best incoming water quality, you will still benefit from  the effects (2) and (3) above.

Just as one of our reference customers did: Their incoming water also was impeccable, however over time, the hens introduced germs in the pipeline network. Gradually, biofilm developed in the pipeline system and was only removed later, after installation of the REDO water treatment system. It needed some time to completely remove the biofilm – that is why the full amount of productivity improvements only showed after about a month (see graph below).

The REDO water effect: More eggs


The graph shows the cumulative surplus egg production of the REDO group of birds compared to the control group at Prabhat Poultry.

Over four month of time, the REDO group of 20,000 hens produced almost 100,000 eggs more than the control group with hens of identical race and identical stage in the layer cycle.

The graph also indicates that in the early weeks of the comparative study, there was no REDO advantage. There are two reasons for this initial phenomenon:
1. Harmful biofilm of past years needed to be gradually removed from the piping system.
2. The intestinal flora of the hens needed some time for adaptation.

Both effects occur only once, when using REDO for the first time – after a few weeks, REDO hens consistently produced about 2.7% more eggs per day, with 1.4% less feed consumption per egg and 30% lower mortality!