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REDO broiler farm calculation tool

How much can REDO technology do for your broiler farm?

Please use our tool below to find out. Simply enter the amount of chickens on your farm and some other data to estimate your additional monthly profit with REDO.

Profit calculator - broiler farming
Please insert your own farm values to see how much REDO can do for your farm.
Your data is transmitted completely anonymous and deleted after exiting this page.
Your farm today
Number of DOC purchased per cycle DOC Please insert the number of day old chicks that you purchase per rearing cycle.
Cost of DOC Please insert the amount of money you pay per day old chick.
Mortality per cycle % If you purchase 1,000 DOC, how much less (in %) birds will you be able to sell?
Feed per bird per cycle kg Please insert the amount of feed you require per bird during the rearing cycle.
Cost of feed per kg Please insert how much you pay per kg of feed on average (including feed additions)
Total cost of feed per cycle With the feed per bird and the price of feed that you entered, this is your monthly cost of feed.
Weight per bird @ end of cycle kg What is the average slaughtering weight of your birds at the end of the rearing cycle?
Revenue per kg of bird weight How much do you get per kg of slaughtering weight?
Total broiler revenue per cycle With the weight and price per bird and the mortality above, this is your revenue per cycle
Number of cycles per year How many cycles can you finish per year? Fractional numbers are allowed.
Total revenue per year For broiler rearing on your farm.
Cost of disinfectants, antibiotics and detergents per cycle How much money do you spend for disinfectants and detergents for use in your whole farm, per month? Normally, you can completely replace existing disinfectants and cleaning agents with your on-site production of REDO. Your REDO unit produces an effective surface disinfecting agent as well as a separate, good cleaning agent.
REDO improvement
Mortality reduction % less dead hens (typical: 20-60%)
Additional weight gain per cycle %
Improvement in feed conversion % less feed per kg weight gain (typical: 2%-3,5%)
Result: Your additional profit with REDO - in per year
Yearly profit from mortality decrease This is the amount of money that you save because the mortality of your hens will be lower if you use REDO.
Profit from weight gain increase This is the amount of money that you additionally earn because the slaughtering weight at the end of the cycle is higher. Of course, the additional feed consumption for the additional weight gain is already taken into account, so this is your real, net profit increase.
Profit from better feed conversion This is the amount of money that you save because the feed conversion of your hens will improve with REDO water: You need less feed per kg of slaughtering weight.
Profit from operating cost savings This is the amount of money that you save by replacing most of your current disinfectants and cleaning agents, as well as antibiotics, by the REDO substances that you produce yourself on site at almost no charge.
Total yearly additional profit This is your extra profit, every year if you use REDO technology!
Investment cost for your REDO unit may be so low that within less than a year, savings are higher than the cost of your REDO unit. Please enquire with REDO!

Operating cost of the REDO installation is minimal.