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Hygiene in Food processing

According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) estimates, 20-75% of the produced food is lost on the way from production to consumption, totalling up to 1.2 billion tons of food.

A great part of this tremendous loss is a result of food degradation caused by bacteria, or fear of contamination.

Consumer awareness for food safety increases steadily. Independent organizations focusing on food safety develop and grow all over the world. Some companies have lost their reputation very rapidly as a result of food scandals.

Shelf life, as shown by the date of expiry on the product, is an important parameter in customer buying decisions. So producers are challenged by increasing demands for safety on the one hand and longer shelf life on the hand.

The answer is effective disinfection and even better hygiene of food products. This increases both food safety and shelf life at the same time.

Food Industry, Large-scale Kitchens and Catering

REDO®food, a specially designed unit for the food industry, offers a perfect solution for the catering, food and beverage industry with the typical REDO technical characteristics

  • Rapid and long-term water and surface disinfection
  • Low operating cost
  • No hazardous potential
  • Eco-friendly

Besides unrestricted food compatibility, the outstanding efficiency and environmental compatibility of the REDO technology creates a substantial advantage in modern production environments.

In many cases, the superior effectiveness and the food compatibility enable to eliminate a complete process step in the production cycle, thereby increasing speed and decreasing cost of production.

The REDO water treatment and disinfection method is also ideal for the producing and processing of “bio” food and beverages ��� without the addition of chemical additives.

Special unit for the application in the food- and beverage industry and in large kitchens

Application example: Poultry processing

REDO treatment effectively kills germs, including salmonella and campylobacter, immediately at the time of treatment. Additionally, it prevents later recontamination for some time. Food safety is increased dramatically.

REDO installations are used to produce on site and freshly different kinds and mixes of chemicals for us in the different applications in a poultry processing plant:

  • For normal surface cleaning and for disinfection of greasy surfaces, a solution with sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide will be produced.
  • For hygiene reasons, REDO recommends the use disinfected water, with a residual disinfecting depot effect, for all water and all process steps from cleaning the carcass via sculding and defeathering to evisceration and chilling. This requires a specialized mix of oxidants, also produced on site.
  • For the treatment of the final meat products, an immersion bath in REDO disinfection solution, e.g. in the chiller water, is particularly recommended to increase shelf life and avoid bacterial contamination.
  • However, unlike with chlorinated chiller water as used in some other plants, harmful concentrations of chlorination byproducts are effectively avoided because of the special mix of REDO disinfectants.