Quick and long-lasting disinfection.
Minimum costs. Higher efficiency.

The focus of REDO in the transport sector is currently in the aviation industry. The REDO units can be applied in various procedures: disinfection of the pipelines and water tanks, as well as for the filling of the jets with fresh water. REDO’s customers are airport operators.

The same requirements for airports and aircrafts, also apply to sea ports and ships, as well as train stations and trains.  Another possibility is to install stationary REDO units in airplanes, ships or trains, to ensure, without hygienic concerns, that fresh water can be refuelled at any location around the world.

Relevant Advantages for...

Even Airbus, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer implements the REDO technology. Prior to delivering the new aircrafts, all of the drinking water pipelines are disinfected with the REDO Technology. Then the water tanks are filled with disinfected water from a REDO unit.

A significant advantage is the enormously reduced service time, in comparison to alternative methods. In addition, one profits from a better work-flow and last but not least, from the guarantee of maximum safety – there are no hazardous potentials with the REDO Technology.


Drinking Water Treatment and Disinfection for the Transport Industry